Renowned Music Law Attorneys

Anyone who has attained success in the music industry learns quickly that it is a complex business. Record companies require multiple layers of legal expertise, from incorporation and entity selection through trademark, copyright, employment and contractual matters.

Successful bands must also structure their business entities and relationships with appropriate employment policies and procedures. Contracts such as record, publishing, management, merchandise, producer, agency, touring and endorsement agreements must be negotiated. Intellectual property such as songs and albums must be properly protected.

We are highly experienced in the business side of music. Our attorneys have decades of legal and business experience within the music industry. Some of our seasoned attorneys have also worked as professional musicians, run record companies, managed bands and worked at recording studios.

We have represented clients in historic trials that have permanently changed the landscape of the music industry. We have created precedential transactional arrangements that have changed the custom and practice of dealings in the music industry.

Our clients include singers, songwriters, bands, record labels, producers, managers, music executives, and other established and emerging players in the music industry.

Our multidisciplined practice affords our music law attorneys a unique advantage in having partners who can add litigation and corporate perspectives to their transactional practice and the issues that arise every day.