DateNews Mention
03/10/2020John Snow Takes His Sword to KHPS
08/29/2019Variety Features Story on Andres Monserrate Joining KHPS and its Extensive Latin Music Practice (EXCLUSIVE)
08/26/2019Revealed: Billboard’s 2019 Top Music Lawyers
07/15/2019King Holmes, Paterno & Soriano Named By Hits Magazine As Top Music Law Firm
07/15/2019Joseph Halbardier Promoted to Firm Partner
06/21/2019Artists Sue Over Recordings Ruined in Fire
04/24/2019Laurie Soriano Joins The Board Of Directors Of SoundExchange
04/11/2019Belinda Meruelo, et al. v. East West Bank - King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano’s Successful Defense of Lender Liability Claims Upheld on Appeal
11/13/2018Galileo, Paterno, Magnifico: Queen – When $10M Yields a Shit-Ton
09/05/2018GoT: This Lannister Doesn’t Pay His Debts
05/03/2018Leslie E. Frank: Record Labels and Accused Artists
Can RCA Drop R. Kelly?
04/04/2018Howard E. King Is One Of Hollywood's Top 100 Attorneys For Eighth Consecutive Year
01/02/2018Joe Carlone Promoted to Firm Partner
12/19/2017Keith Holmes Guides Premier Business Bank in Acquisition by First Foundation Inc.
11/30/2017Howard King Addresses 2017 State Of The Entertainment Industry Conference
11/07/2017Keith Holmes is Legal Counsel to Suncrest Bank in Agreement to Merge with CBBC Bancorp
08/25/2017A7X Trial: May Signal the End To Recording Labels' Grip on Artists
07/17/2017Peter Paterno Talks With HITS Magazine About Record Label Strategies
05/02/2017Keith Holmes Advises Capital Bank on Merger Agreement with Seacoast Commerce Banc Holdings
04/26/2017Howard E. King – Included in The Hollywood Reporter's 2017 Top 100 Power Lawyers … For Seventh Consecutive Year
04/26/2017Peter Paterno: Honored As One of The Hollywood Reporter’s Top Music Business Attorneys
04/24/2017Keith Holmes, Legal Counsel in Sierra Bancorp’s Agreement to Acquire OCB Bancorp of Ventura County
10/08/2016Howard King Speaks At ABA Forum On Entertainment & Sports
9/15/2016Sam Roseme’s Resume Blows Away Big-Time Law Firm to Join King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, LLP
4/28/2016Brent Canter Discusses Emerging Trends and New Challenges in the Music Business as a Panelist at the ASCAP EXPO
4/26/2016New York Times Quotes Howard King on Prince’s Passing and the Implications for the Estate
4/20/2016Howard King Named to The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Lawyers List for Sixth Year in a Row
4/20/2016Peter Paterno Named a Top Music Business Lawyer by the Hollywood Reporter
4/20/2016Howard King Featured Panelist at Beverly Hills Bar Association Presentation of "Shake, Rattle, and Roll: The Cases that Rocked Music in 2015"
4/14/2016Judge Rejects $3.5 Million for Legal Fees and Costs in Blurred Lines Case
4/8/2016Dr. Dre Honors KHPS Lawyers as N.W.A. Gets Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1/4/2016Keith T. Holmes and Eileen Lyon Are Legal Advisors in Sierra Bancorp's Acquisition of Coast Bancorp of San Luis Obispo County
1/2016The Real Winners of 'American Idol'
12/23/2015KHPS Provides Pro Bono Service for "Love Song to the Earth," Featuring Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi and Many Others
12/9/2015Jared Leto Sues TMZ
9/28/2015KHPS Represents Orange County Business Bank in Sale Transaction
9/21/2015Howard King Speaks to Los Angeles Copyright Society
7/27/2015Suncrest Bank to Acquire Sutter Community Bank
7/25/2015Billboard, Backstage Pass/Top Music Lawyers
7/15/2015Laurie Soriano becomes name partner in King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, LLP
7/15/2015Peter T. Paterno Billboard Top Music Lawyer 2015
6/22/2015PBB Bancorp/Premier Business Bank to Acquire First Mountain Bank
4/15/2015Howard King Named in The Hollywood Reporter's Power Lawyers 2015
4/8/2015Pacific Commerce Bank Announces Completion of Merger with Vibra Bank
3/12/2015Pharrell Williams' Lawyer: "We're Entering the Bottom of the Sixth Inning"
1/26/2015'American Idol' Winner Files Bold Legal Claim to Escape 'Oppressive' Contracts
1/12/2015Iggy Azalea Granted Injunction to Stop Distribution of Her Early Music
11/20/2014King, Holmes and Horgan Rosen Handle Bank Deal
11/5/2014Daily Journal Recognizes Howard King as Leading Entertainment Lawyer
9/15/2014Paterno: Been There Done That — A Hits Daily Double Interview with Melinda Newman
4/30/2014Howard King Named in The Hollywood Reporter's Power Lawyers 2014 — The Litigators
9/19/2013NFL Waging Secret Legal War Over M.I.A's Super Bowl Middle Finger (Exclusive)
9/17/2013NCAL in Los Angeles Lines Up $25 Million
8/5/2013Smaller Banks are Likely to be Buyout Targets, Attorneys Say
7/15/2013Wilshire Bancorp Announces Acquisition of Saehan Bancorp
7/1/2013KHPB Closes a Bank Merger on July 1, 2013: The Private Bank of California with a Subsidiary of First PacTrust Bancorp
7/1/2013KHPB Closes a Second Bank Merger on July 1, 2013: Merger of Visalia Community Bank with Central Valley Community Bank
6/3/2013KHPB Represents Pacific Trust Bank in Sale of Eight Branches to AmericanWest Bank
5/22/2013Howard King Named in The Hollywood Reporter's Power Lawyers 2013
2/5/2013Keith T. Holmes "Increase in Mergers & Acquisitions" — Daily Journal
7/18/2012Howard King Named in The Hollywood Reporter's Power Lawyers 2012
8/31/2011Keith Holmes Represent Beach Business Bank in Acquisition by First PacTrust Bancorp
7/13/2011Howard King Named in The Hollywood Reporter's Power Lawyers 2011
6/27/2011KHPB Guides Mission Community Bancorp in Acquisition of Santa Lucia Bancorp
4/20/2011Dr. Dre Granted Summary Judgment Over Digital Rights to "The Chronic"
1/29/2010Court of Appeal Bites 'Dog' in TAA Case
1/27/2010Joe Walsh (Famous Guitarist) Teaches Joe Walsh (Republican Candidate) About Copyright Law
12/21/2009Marilyn Manson, Former Bandmate Settle Lawsuit
6/25/2009Good Morning America Describes Jackson Testimony
2/27/2009Is The Killers Case "Based on Nothing"? EXCLUSIVE: Killers Lawsuit Attorneys Speak
1/05/2009Lullaby CD No Peaceful, Easy Feeling for Eagles
12/9/2008Interview with Metallica's Attorney Peter Paterno
7/20/2006Founders of Disa Records File Major Lawsuit Against Univision
7/20/2006Exclusive: Michael Jackson's Former Business Partner Discusses Verdict
7/18/2006Industrial Bank of Taiwan to Acquire EverTrust Bank
8/13/2005Van Halen Takes Baseball Team to Court
7/14/2005Jackson Tidbits Leaks With Impunity in Tinseltown Press
6/14/2004The National Law Journal Strange Bedfellows
5/1/2004A Hard Day's Night: Music Faces the Digital Divide
7/28/1999Dr. Dre to Tell It to the Judge